Guess what’s back?

Rain! Washington does not disappoint. It gave us quite a few days of sun but wanted us to remember we’re still in Washington. Today was pretty wet and muddy.
Nate and I did the mistake of talking about home and all the people and creature comforts we miss. We’re about 267 miles from Canada. Our ETA is Oct. 1. It’s all going by so fast. Wish us luck.



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Hiking On

Pony and the Saint caught up so we’re hiking all together again which is great. We’re all starting to fall apart though. Almost everyone has something that hurts. I guess you can’t hike this long without your body fighting back.
With that said I’m still going to miss it very much. Everyday we get closer to Canada I reflect on how this is the best summer of my life. I love how you wake up every morning feeling sore, how your body warms up and your mind clears. The sounds of birds, running water, and trekking poles. The change of terrain under foot. The wind blowing my hair and sun warming my face. I wish I could bottle all these things and put them on my shelf. When I go back to real life and am having a bad day I could open the bottle and remember.




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White Pass

When we got back on trail we ran into some day hikers who we had passed the day I was wearing no pants. They remembered me because of that. It was really funny but kind of embarrassing. I felt the need to explain the chafing. I’m glad I already have a trail name otherwise who knows what it would be.
Holy cow Washington is beautiful. Today we hiked the Goat Rocks and had great views of Mt. Rainer walking the ridge line. We tried to take a short cut to White Pass and ended up doing some crazy bouldering and steep down hill. We were lucky enough to hike with Scout who had family visiting. So Lighthouse, Drop Biscuit, Acid Glasses, Nate and I got to stay with Scout and her family in a cabin. We played Apples to Apples and got to take showers and sleep in a bed.
That night the phone rang and Scout and her family got the terrible news that her 28 year old cousin was dead. Killed by her boyfriend leaving behind three kids. It was awkward being there during something so personal with people you don’t know that well. But also I felt for them. It reminded me of when my own cousin, who was a police officer, was killed. I could not find the words to tell her so I just hugged her. I wish I could have told her something comforting, but having been there myself I know there are no words to make it hurt less. We got back on trail in the morning and she went home with her family. I hope she’s ok.




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Trout Lake

Now that the sun is out things have been looking up. We’ve been hiking with Pony and The Saint which is always fun. We had a beautiful day and got our last views of Mt. Hood and great views of Mt. St. Hellen’s, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier! We listened to lots of our audiobook until the speaker ran out.
When we got to Trout Lake we met some incredible people who gave us a place to stay, do laundry, take showers, food, and even borrow their van. It’s amazing how kind and generous people can be. We’ll do our chores pick up our mail and head back out into the wild.




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Let there be sun

The rain didn’t stop until 3:00! And even once it stopped the clouds remained gray and ominous. Everything we owned was wet and cold. It was difficult crawling into a damp tent and muggy sleeping bag that night. Our shoes were so wet they made squishy sounds with each step. My shorts had gotten super wet and stuck to my thighs giving me my first case of chafe. It was still painful the next morning so I hiked the whole day in my underwear not wanting to make it worse. It was only awkward when we ran into people we didn’t know.
When we got to our first ridge in the morning the sun was finally out shining bright and warm. We took out all our wet gear and dried it in the sun. It felt good to be dry and warm again. We were all in a much better mood today.




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We crossed into Washington on the Bridge of the Gods. It’s a pretty cool bridge that you can see the water below moving through the slats of the bridge. It gave us a bit of vertigo walking over it.
Washington greeted us with rain! Which was a fine sprinkle until we set up camp. Then it became a full on rain with lightning and thunder. It’s the next morning now and it hasn’t stopped. We’re laying in our tent trying to wait it out. I hope this state is just showing us what it can be like and not the norm.
Also I saw my first slug. They’re all over the trail and kind of look like a poop and first glance. We saw a couple that people had stepped on that was really gross. I hope this rain stops soon.





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Portland was great! We stayed with Elena, a high school friend of mine, which was awesome. She lives in this two story house built in 1903 in SE Portland. We went to some great bars and breweries and ate lots of yummy food.
On our last night there we had a BBQ and sat around talking and playing with her ducks. Her roommates were really nice too. Portland is definitely a city but with a small town vibe and has lots of interesting people. While we were eating with Nate’s friend Bryant s guy outside just randomly started juggling! I’d visit Portland again.
~ πŸƒπŸŽ²πŸŽ―
I just figured out the emoji keyboard πŸ˜ƒ




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