About NVlife

NVLife? What’s that?

It’s meant to be a play on words.  Yes the N is for Nathan and the V for Vanessa, and yes NV is suppose to sound like envy.  Are we saying you should envy our life? No not at all.  We are saying to find that thing you are excited about and do it.  Nate and I have spent a lot of time reading books, watching movies, and listening to pod casts about people having these great adventures.  Hiking for long periods of time being free from everything, and we were kind of jealous and wished we could do the same.  Then we thought, why can’t we? Why not us? And now we are just going for it with this hike, which might lead to other hikes and other adventures.

I know hiking isn’t for everyone and that’s fine, but we want everyone to find that adventure in life they have always wanted and go for it.  Whether it be traveling through Europe or working your way through South America, or biking, or skiing,  just find that thing that will make you most happy and do it.


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