We made our decision. We rented a car and drove to Manning Park then hiked the 8 miles to the terminus and back. I think it was the right choice. I’m not good at being sad and wallowing so going to the terminus really helped lighten my mood and give me that sense of closure I was looking for. We’ve accomplished an incredible thing and I’m very proud of all of us.
Thru-hiking is like a really good book. You love all the characters, the setting is magical, and the plot is a roller coaster of emotions. And when it’s all done it has changed your outlook on life. This has been the best summer of my life.




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Where do we go from here?

I haven’t updated because I really didn’t know what to say or what I was feeling. Rainy Pass is only 60 miles from the monument. That’s 2 and a half days of hiking. Not to brag but I could do those miles in my sleep if it wasn’t for the blizzard going on in the mountains. So what to do? Cut a trail in the snow? There was up to three feet in some sections! I’m from Arizona I wasn’t meant for this much snow. Find an alternative route? The park with the alternate was closed due to the government shut down. Road walk it? With rain and snow on the road that seems unsafe.
We decided to go to Bellingham with Pony and The Saint to weigh our options. Everyone in Bellingham has been incredibly kind to us. Ponies aunt made us a huge breakfast, Saints parents took us out to dinner, Bandleaders friend made us pasta, and Ponies roommates made us a seafood feast.
While hanging out in town it came out that some thru-hikers were lost in the snow. I hope their ok.
Ps. I stole these two pics from Facebook. The guy in the snow is Lighthouse!



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Stehekin was a great time but stated with a lot of stress. The post office lost our resupply box but we found it at the grocery store. We ended up staying in the hotel with Pony and the Saint. It was so nice to be warm for a change. Also their bakery was incredible. We went twice and ate a ton. I think it’s the best one on trail.
The weather news just keeps getting worse and worse. More and more inches of snow are falling. We ended up hiking in the morning to Rainy Pass during the storm. Luckily the elevation wasn’t super high so we got there pretty fast. We are staying in Mazama with friends of Pony and the Saint and waiting out the worst of the storm. It’s frustrating being so close and just having to wait.


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Rain and Snow

Mushrooms have a short life span. They spring out after the first frost, release their spores, and die. On trail the mushrooms have started to fall over mold, and stink and unfortunately so have we.
The rain has caused a huge group of hikers to get together. I’d say about 20 or so. We’ve banned together to boost morale and get through the rain and snow together. The only unfortunate thing about so many hikers is looking for a place to put your tent at night. We’ll be in Stehekin soon.






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We had some nice sunny days but now Washington is making me put my money where my mouth is. I said even if it rained everyday near the end we could do it because we’re so close. Well we’re 192 miles from the end and the forecast is rain, rain, snow! The upcoming terrain is suppose to be really steep and muddy, but I can count down the days till we’re done on my hands.
The Saints mom Lynda with a y came to see him in Skykomish so Nate and I shared a room with him and Pony. The town has a handful of cute shops and a train that goes by pretty often. Lynda’s going to drop us back off at Stevens Pass in a couple hours so we are trying to enjoy being warm as long as possible. Wet feet here we come.




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Goldmeyer Alternate

We had an especially beautiful couple of days. Filled with breathtaking waterfalls, lakes, and forest. The waterfalls were crystal clear and tall. The alpine lakes were a gorgeous shade of blue. But my favorite is still the forest. Every shade of green under the sun. Everywhere you look a fern, a tree, a mushroom. I know some people get really tired of the forest and call it the “green tunnel” but it’s so different from anything we have back home that I love it. It always seems so magical and full of wonder. It’s a mix of Ferngully and Jurassic Park. Every corner we take I’m sure we’re about to see a fairy or a dinosaur.






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Snoqualmie is a super tiny town aimed primarily to snow sports but we had fun too. We ate at their restaurant and food truck and bought food at both tiny stores. That was pretty much the whole place. It was good for us because all we wanted to do was dry our stuff and lay around. It was so nice to lay in bed and watch lots of bad tv. We shared a room with Pony and The Saint. It was a great relaxing zero.


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